Female leaders in the workplace - How do we break through?

In our last article, we discussed barriers women face in the workplace. Things like the broken rung effect and the entitlement gap. Each explaining why there are so few women in senior roles in the workplace – a type of unconscious bias (both by women caused by societal ideas of the broken rung and the entitlement gap as well as the subliminal bias of their male counterparts) that women don’t belong in senior level positions.

But we couldn’t disagree more – women have so much to bring to the workplace. Offering different benefits and positive additions to the workplace.

This is not a male vs female thing.

Rather it is women and men working together – with equal pay, equal say and equal standing in the workplace. Even in senior roles.

Unfortunately, it just appears that women haven’t been given the “leg up”. And there is still a disconnect, despite surveys and studies to the contrary, between the notion that women offer a great deal to the organisations that they work for and there just not being enough women in real leadership roles in the workplace to take any guidance or motivation from.

We are seemingly short of role models……

The song “Let the River Run” by Carly Simon comes to mind –

“We the great and small

Stand on a star

And blaze a trail of desire

Through the darkening dawn”

And I am not sure about you but I am suddenly imagining Melanie Griffith in Working Girl commuting to New York City in her sneakers!

And it is this movie that, in at least some ways, firmly represents what it means to break-through in the workplace. To become the person you know you are meant to be. Despite any previous notions to the contrary.

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