Who is The Legal Belletrist?


The Legal Belletrist by Alicia Koch, offers comprehensive research and writing capabilities together with deep industry knowledge necessary to add valuable content to your website or other online presence.



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Alicia Koch

Writer, researcher and lover of the written word.

I am an admitted attorney with (way) over 10 years Post Qualification Experience (PQE). I have worked in law firms, had my own legal consulting company and have further been an in-house legal counsel and head of legal for a number of both global and local institutions. However, my passion has always been in researching a topic, finding out its' "why". More so, I revel in writing articles, blogs or any other form of written content.  I consider myself a "Renaissance Woman" (in training), with an absolute passion for the written word, music, art and all things beautiful. 


In keeping with this topic of all things beautiful (and for information purposes), a belle-lettres is a category of writing, originally meaning beautiful or fine writing. The writer thereof is therefore a belletrist. I hope, that in embodying the role of "The Legal Belletrist", I will be able to do just that - and write fine legal (and other) articles, using my sense of humour and passion for the written word (two key ingredients).

As an inherent creative with a need for a creative outlet, I have collaborated with artist and owner of My Hares and Graces, Carol Slabolepszy to create wonderful, unique and special pieces which are not only deeply meaningful to me personally, but are also proudly exhibited as works of art in my home. To read more about this rare collaboration between a legal writer and an artist -  go to

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with my loving husband (my Big Bear) and four beautiful fur children (kitty cats).